Faksfall camping



Faksfall camping is located in Dovre, a county in the north of the valley Gudbrandsdalen situated between Oslo and Trondheim. Surrounded by the mountain massifs of Dovrefjell, Rondane and Jotunheimen,  and with the transportation junction Dombås only a five-minute drive away; we are proud to   call our location both  rural and   centrally.

Our nearness to  this alpine nature, gives you as our guest countless opportunities  in exploring and experiencing   the heart of Norway.

Here you can try your luck in fishing, hike to  2000 m.a.s. summits, see and learn about our uniqe wildlife - or just enjoy a quiet time  with your favorite book outside your cottage here at Faksfall camping.

We at Faksfall camping would love to help you find the perfect activities for you and your  travelling companions. Whether you are traveling with friends, family og by your self. Take a look at our activity guide, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Faksfall camping opened in 1954,  and  has been a family business ever since. Today  Faksfall camping is managed by  Wenche and Bjørn Killi, who are Faksfall's third generation.

  In addition to managing Faksfall camping, Wenche and Bjørn runs the family dairy farm on site.

We do our very best to make your stay here at Faksfall camping as pleasent  as possible.

Welcome to Faksfall, Dovre, and the heart of Norway!